Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Solstice

It's solstice,the longest day of the year. I'm looking forward to many things this summer, cooking in a wood fired oven, learning more about Korean food, exploring the art of gluten free baking, swimming under the stars, exploring the art of fermentation, and much more. Tonight's dinner was a taste test of two racks of pork from this week's workshop. One was brined in rosemary buttermilk and the other smoked. They were both surprisingly wonderful though everyone had their favorites. In the picture, the back layer is smoked. Both racks were full of juice. So much juice that it ran off the counter onto the floor. What we realized is that flavor is in the eye of the diner. Both racks were pretty darned amazing. Good is in the tongue of the taster. If you please yourself first, the right audience will find you.

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