Thursday, March 7, 2013

Foie Gras and Watermelon Rind

We cut the watermelon rind into oblique shapes. Then we applied our marmalade technique. We added equal parts sugar, just under 0.5% salt and a bit of dried calabrese peppers. We macerated the rind overnight. Then we pressure cooked it for 25 minutes. When the pressure naturally dissipated we put the watermelon rind and syrup into a pot. We cooked the rind until it reached 107°C. Then we jarred the rind in sterilized jars. We brined the foie gras for 24 hours in 3% salted milk. This process helps season the foie gras. It also rinses off blood in the veins and lightly bleaches the liver. After 24 hours we brought the foie gras to room temperature. We rinsed off the milk brine and then pressed the foie gras through a tamis. This removed the veins and impurities. We weighed the cleaned foie gras and seasoned it with 1% salt and 0.25% curing salt. We blended the seasonings into the foie gras. Then we vacuum sealed the mixture and refrigerated it overnight. The following day we removed the foie gras from the refrigerater and let it return to room temperature. We removed it from the bag and put it into a mixer. We used the paddle attachment to beat it to the consistency of a buttercream. When it was light and smooth we portioned the foie gras into dual serving vacuum bags. We chilled the unsealed bags. When the foie gras was cold we vacuum sealed the bags. Then we used a rolling pin to flatten the foie gras into an even layer. We chilled the foie gas until we were ready to eat it. To serve we sliced a portion of foie gras out of the bag and placed it on a plate. We generously spooned the watermelon rind marmalade over the top. We served it with grilled bread.

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